Monday, February 20, 2012

"You be you"

Call Her crazy
Call Her stupid
Call Her ugly
call Her weak
Call Her a slut
Call Her a freak

But She is kind
She is smart
She is beautiful
She is strong
She is funny
And She is great

Stop judgeing from her cover and turn her inside out
Open her like a book and read all that she's about
Stop focusing on the bad things and downing her for everythng she do
Just stop the madness, you don't understand what she goes through

She did nothing wrong, but has to be tourtured all day long
Why don't you stop worrying about her and criticizing her every move
Just let her be her, And focus on you being you

Tone: Straightforward, sympathetic

Theme: learn to just focus on yourself

Interpretation: basically my poem means that people need to quit  
judgeing and criticizing others to put them down because you never  
know what that person is actually going through

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