Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Name is Yours

Determined and Strong in Spirit
Within is all I believe in
Silent but quick witted
As Emotional as any other

Born with a attitude
Messenger Of God I am
Innocent but devilish
A fashion i know too well

Friend to all
Enemy to none
Heavy heart
Known to some
Who are you?

I wrote this poem to express what I think my name means and why I believe it was given to me. My mother doesn't have the same name as me therefore I wrote my poem in a different state of mind then Sandra Cisneros. When I stated that I was silent but quick witted I meant that I am usually very discreet about my feelings but I do know how to elaborate on them when its time to. The line innocent but devilish signifies that there can be two sides to me, though I try to do the right thing we all make mistakes. I concluded my poem with Friend to all Enemy to none Heavy heart known to some because I try to be a friend to everyone I meet and I never approach someone with an intent to be mean or cruel and most people know that I am a kind person. Angel is my name and my life has been a completion of all these things but it all comes back to the name that my mother has given me.

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